Throughout this wiki there are certain terms used for consistency. Recognizing this could be confusing for new players, this page provides a small glossary.

Commonly-Used Terms Edit

Denizen - any non-player character found in Eldritch, these are the enemies of the game. Why are they not referred to as "enemies" throughout the wiki? Because they are the ones living in the Worlds of of the Strange Books. The Explorer is merely a visitor - or in a Denizen's perspective, an invader.

Explorer - the player character; more properly identified in-game as the Librarian.

Inventory Item - these are mainly items that appear in the HUD and exist in limited quantities (i.e. Keys, Artifacts).

Item - anything in-game that can be picked up and utilized by the player, a catch-all term.

Librarian - the player character, also referred to as the Explorer on the wiki and Elle on the trading card on Steam..

Slot Item - these are items that fill slots in the pause menu screen and grant a particular ability (i.e. Climbing Boots, Locksmith Kit).