New Game+ is an extra challenge provided after beating Eldritch. It is activated by taking the Soul of the Librarian, and makes many changes to the base game (i.e. faster and more resilient Denizens, rarer loot, etc).

How to Start New Game+Edit

After completing the game (regardless of ending), you will find the Soul of the Librarian (a white sparkling orb) on a pedestal in the center of the library.

Soul of the Librarian-0

The Soul of the Librarian. Taking it will start New Game+.

If you grab it, New Game+ will start until death. Upon death, the Soul of the Librarian can be found on the pedestal again.

New Game Plus-0

The text seen upon taking the Soul of the Librarian.

"Welcome to New Game+ !
Collecting this soul has activated a more challenging version of Eldritch.
The effect will wear off after you die."

New Game+ Changes: Edit

  • Denizens move, shoot and attack faster, and are more difficult to kill.
  • Loot is more scarce.